wonderful listener

"I consulted Stephen in difficult situations and felt so lifted by [h]is careful listening, and skillful advice. He was thorough and insightful."

Posted by Robin on Avvo
February 2, 2019

Excellent service!

"We worked with Stephen for our estate planning needs. He was thorough, answered all of our questions, made necessary changes, and responded promptly. He is a great mix of personal and professional!"

Posted by Freddy on Avvo
April 25, 2018

Highly Recommend Mr. Montgomery

"Mr. Montgomery provides a wide range of legal services, but specializes in estate planning, which is what brought me to him. He guided me through the process of establishing a Revocable Living Trust, which, in my case, is perhaps more complex than usual due to the fact that several of my beneficiaries have special needs which will require the provision of special needs trusts for any inheritance.

Throughout this process, I was treated with kindness and respect. He never lost patience when I failed to understand some of the legal language. His sense of humor certainly helped. I expect other family members to avail themselves of his services in the near future.

While Mr. Montgomery is based in Silverton, Oregon., he will travel to Salem, Portland, etc., to meet with clients."

Posted by Louanne on Avvo
March 7, 2017

Attorney Endorsements

"Stephen and I went to law school together. I've always appreciated the levels of confidence and professionalism he exhibits. He's been a genuine and capable person since I've known him. Further, he's proven willing to work hard. I am pleased to endorse this lawyer."

Posted by Bradley Thayer on Avvo
March 26, 2016

"Stephen is one of the most personable lawyers I have met - he's an exceptional listener and highly intelligent, able to handle anything that is thrown at him. Beyond that, he is willing to stand up and ask the tough questions needed - without fear of appearing overeager. This commitment to getting the right answers, the first time, sets Stephen apart from many lawyers and gives me confidence that Stephen will treat his own clients' cases with the utmost professionalism and customer service. I've found Stephen to be a good source of sound legal advice and would I recommend him to any client looking for a down-to-earth and diligent lawyer."

Posted by Steven Mastanduno on Avvo
February 17, 2016

"Stephen is a calm and attentive listener, an impartial advocate, and a real estate guru. All of those traits make him a great estate planning attorney."

Posted by Jeffrey Skrysak on Avvo
January 31, 2016